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service Development

Development Services:

  • Proforma support and refinements
  • Due diligence of construction activity assumptions/inputs
  • Concept review and strategy
  • On site preconstruction observations for due diligence
  • Design management

Preconstruction Services:

  • Bid package control
  • Facilitate bidding process (competitive or negotiated) with contractor recommendations
  • Facilitate value-engineering process
  • Contract recommendation and consulting
service construction delivery

Construction Delivery:

  • Weekly site visits to monitor, review, confirm the scope and progress of work
  • Provide weekly reports on the project’s current status. (Budget, Schedule, Issues)
  • Liaise with/direct the architect, MEPS, civil engineer, landscape architect, and general contractor
  • Facilitate OAC meetings
  • Manage GC buyout strategy / GMP savings
  • Manage selections with owner and interior design group
  • Monitor and respond to RFI’s and submittals
  • Coordinate with 3rd-party expediter & reviewing agency as needed
  • Coordinate with jurisdictional approvers/inspectors as needed
  • Review certify contractor pay apps before they are approved by owner. Coordinate incomplete or inaccurate applications with GC
  • Review and provide recommendation on change orders
  • Provide project budget control for construction activities
  • Provide contingency planning and problem solving
  • Manage functionality and quality walks by 3rd-party
  • Manage delivery of move-in ready units according to phasing and leasing schedule