Cold Storage facilities are not your typical industrial buildings. They require specific knowledge and expertise in the engineering and construction of these projects. As a result, there are not many developers who will take on cold storage projects due to the complexity and high costs compared to dry-storage industrial.

KBCm Group has the knowledge and expertise to help you deliver a successful cold storage project. We provide integrated development, design management and construction delivery services including: 

    • Site Selection and real estate coordination 
    • Engineering to keep out moisture 
    • Risk Management 
    • General Due Diligence 
    • On-site project representation & oversight 
    • Full project cost-accounting 
    • Equipment integration 
    • Structural & integrated racking design 
    • Management of equipment and captured vendors 

and much more. 

Our integrated process assures that your expectations and hard stops are met within the project development. Unlike some other firms, we never compete with our clients nor do we do profit incentivize as contractors that sell CM services. This objectivity assures that we can maintain professional standards of conduct, focused integrity on our clients’ interests, and professional decorum resulting in project cost savings and speed to market.