Outsourcing in uncertain times allows immediate growth and or attrition with minimal onboarding investment. With the correct choice you have access to seasoned and experienced professionals, increasing your resources without hiring full-time employees. As companies cautiously ramp up their development plans, outsourcing provides owners a measured approach to achieving their development plans.

One of the more difficult things to do at any level of an organization is separate oneself from a project, team or overall culture, and take an objective, outside look back in. Personal interests, relationships, office politics, etc. muddle this exercise, which in most cases makes it impossible for success.
Outsourcing to professional consultants arrive with a vision and direction that is centered on your objectives while developing and advancing the project. Objectivity is a welcome relief to most business owners, especially those seeking to move a project forward as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Cost in context should be evaluated over the long-term. It will be less costly for a firm to outsource to a skilled individual or team that excels in in the type of project skills required, is current in best in class technology, and comes with only one objective and agenda, to complete the project maintaining your expectations.
Improved return on investment
A mainstay of outsourcing is the ability to increase or reduce your fixed cost of a project team internal resources and equipment needed to produce your project, this helps reduce cost and stabilize projections costs from the beginning. Throughout construction phases professional consultants are able to provide you with options while using advanced processes and reports to track and record your cash flow in and out, day by day. This eliminates cost overruns and prolonged schedules, resulting in the maximized return on investment.